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XXX Company - New Director

What next?

So you've signed up as a limited company director with Millward, May & Co.  What are the next steps and what should you expect?


What should have already happened:

  1. You've had a meeting with us to discuss stuff...
  2. Your company has been incorporated with Companies House
  3. You and any other directors should have filled out the following form:
  4. ID/household bill taken for each director


What should you be doing:

  1. Set up company bank account...we recommend Raluca at Santander
  2. Set up government gateway account - see here...
  3. Quickbooks/records - link to our tutorials section!!
  4. Register as a director for self assessment if you're not signed up to submit TRs - let us have UTR when you receive it.


What we'll be doing:

  1. Registering for relevant taxes (corporation tax, PAYE, VAT)
  2. Authorisation codes - when you receive authorisation code email to
  3. Contract - will be sent out in due course
  4. Bill for end of month (28th of month)


What is expected as a company director:

  1. Keep Quickbooks bank reconciled - link to Quickbooks tutorials