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Sapiens - WARNING you may become a vegan after reading this book!

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Bad Day - Daniel Powter


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Our Culture

The definition of ‘culture’ is: the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.

The Ten ‘Millward, May & Co’ Commandments

  1. A ‘How Can We Do This Better’ Mind Set

    • Accountant’s used to discuss issues with their client’s via post, add up using abacuses & write accounts out by hand. The moral of the story: businesses that don’t evolve, become extinct!

  2. Take on Responsibility & Be Accountable

  3. Build a Positive Team & Family Spirit

  4. Be Positive & Passionate

  5. TBC

  6. TBC

  7. TBC

  8. TBC

  9. TBC

  10. TBC

To discuss at next meeting with team…what do we stand for?


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If I borrow £50 off Emma & £50 off Ryan, that’s £100.

With the money I then buy a second hand computer monitor for £97 and so I have £3 change. I give £1 back to Emma & £1 back to Ryan and keep £1.

I owe Emma £49, and Ryan £49, together that’s £98 plus the £1 I kept which totals £99.

Where’s the other £1?

Questions, Ideas, Issues or Suggestions

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