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Company setup

IN01 Form

When setting up a limited company you’ll need to consider the following…

Company Name

Check whether a company name is available, click here. Your name cannot be:

  • the same as or similar to another registered company’s name

  • an existing trade mark

  • offensive


A shareholder owns the company and is usually entitled to:

  • a share of the company profits (i.e. dividends)

  • a share of the proceeds if the company is sold

  • vote on major corporate matters (such as who sits on the board of directors and whether a proposed merger should occur)


A company director is appointed to manage the day-to-day business activities and to ensure all statutory filing obligations are met. Directors must act lawfully and honestly and make decisions for the benefit of the company and its members.


Registered office address - this is where your company is legally based from. This is the address that will be included on the public register and used to send the company correspondence by Companies House and HMRC.

Service address (or correspondence address) - this is the address at which the director can be contacted at by Companies House and HMRC. This will also be displayed on the public register and so for privacy reasons, you may not use your home address.