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Issuing shares

Issuing Shares

Before you issue shares in your Limited Company, we would advise seeking professional advice to ensure that you have considered the tax implications, in particular Capital Gains Tax.

Issuing shares in a Limited Company where the following apply is generally straightforward:

  • The company was incorporated under the Companies Act 2006.

  • There is no restriction in your articles of association for directors to allot shares on the company’s behalf.

  • There in only one class of shares following the allotment.

  • The new shares will have the same rights as the previous ones.

The process in this case would be as follows:

  • Hold a board meeting and record in the minutes stating “the board has resolved to allot the shares”. You should state the number and class of shares, the allottees, the price paid & when this took place. These should be kept for ten years.

  • Issue share certificates to the new shareholders, click here for a share certificate template.

  • Complete the Companies House SH01 form (statement of capital). The form must be filed with Companies House within one month of the allotment of the shares, click here to do so.

  • Amend the company’s statutory register of members which the company (or your accountant) maintains.

If your situation is more complex, we would recommend speaking to us as you may need to submit additional board resolutions.