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CIS Return

In order to submit a CIS Return using Quickbooks you will need to follow this step by step guide:

Quickbooks Up To Date

Make sure Quickbooks is up to date - to do this you need to make sure that:

  • Your bank is reconciled (i.e. there are no lines in the banking/for review screen & the bank balance figure matches the in Quickbooks figure)
  • The outstanding suppliers figure is correct. To view this, go to expenses/suppliers and view the open balance figures.

CIS Return

Go to Taxes/CIS and you can view the CIS statement that you wish to submit to HMRC.

Submit CIS Return

    Login to HMRC's government gateway by clicking here.  You'll then need to enter the following details into your CIS Return:-

    • Total Payments
    • Cost of Materials
    • CIS Deducted

    Pay CIS to HMRC

    Your CIS is due to HMRC two weeks after the CIS Return end date. For example, a CIS Return dated 5 December would be due 14 days after this date which would be the 19th December. To pay you can use the following link:-

    You will need your accounts office reference number which you should have received via letter from HMRC.

    Add a Bill

    Go to the plus sign '+' at the top right of your screen, select bill under suppliers and enter the following information:

    • Supplier: CIS due
    • Bill date: CIS Return end date (5 December in our example above)
    • Account: CIS witheld
    • Amount: amount paid to HMRC
    • VAT: No VAT

    & click save.

    Reconcile CIS

    Go to the cog at the top right of the screen, under tools click reconcile and enter the following information:

    • Account: CIS witheld
    • Ending balance: 0.00
    • Ending date: CIS Return end date (5 December in our example above)

    & then click start reconciling.

    You will then need to select the CIS liabilities (charges) that the CIS payment relates to so the difference figure at the top right of your screen is £0.00. Once it does equal 0.00, click finish now.