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Quickbooks VAT Payment

VAT payment

Below is a step by step guide on how to add a VAT payment (or refund) in Quickbooks.

  1. Go to Banking - when the bank transaction is brought into the bank you’ll need to make a note of the date and amount of the transaction.

  2. Go to Taxes/VAT - click ‘record payment’ on the right hand side of the relevant VAT Return.

  3. You’ll be taken to a ‘Record VAT payment’ screen:

    • Make sure that the bank account to the left of the balance is the bank account that the VAT payment was made out of

    • Payment type: the default is a VAT payment but change this if it’s a VAT refund.

    • Payment date: enter the date the VAT was paid (from the note you wrote earlier)

    • Payment amount: enter the amount of VAT that was paid (from the note you wrote earlier)

    • Click ‘Save’

  4. Go back to Banking - the VAT transaction should have turned green and you should be able to ‘Match’ it.