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Sales Invoice Template

Invoice Template

Click the cog at the top right of the screen and under ‘settings’ click ‘custom form styles’. Then click ‘edit’ next to the ‘standard’ form.


Change up template - there are a few templates to choose from that have the items positioned in different places on the invoice.

Logo - upload your logo and choose the logo placement & size

Try other colours - you can upload you logo here to find an exact colour match. Copy the HEX value (e.g. HEX #448bcc) and paste it into the colour box in Quickbooks.


Select the details you wish to show on the invoice:

  • Click top section: enter business details you want to appear on invoice

  • Click middle section/account summary/show on invoice: this shows the balance brought forward plus the new invoice and gives the total amount outstanding

  • Click bottom section/add payment details and footer: enter your payment details here so your customers can pay you. I would enter something along the lines of: “If you wish to settle by direct bank transfer, our bank details are as follows: Account Name: ABC Limited, Account Number: 12345678, Sort Code: 10-20-30”

  • Click bottom section/discount: clicking this gives you the option to add a discount percentage to your invoices

Emails & Payments

The email section allows you to set up standard emails to send your invoices to your client through Quickbooks.

The payments section allows you to set up a direct payment option on your invoices using Paypal or Direct Debits via GoCardless. Paypal is quite expensive so we would suggest avoiding using this service. We actually use GoCardless ourselves and this works perfectly for monthly subscriptions from your customer.