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Share Transfer

Share Transfer

Stock Transfer Form

To transfer shares for a private limited company you will need to complete a stock transfer form by providing the following information:

  • Consideration money - how much is being paid for the shares - usually 'nil' for a share transfer between spouses.
  • Full name of undertaking - the company name (e.g. ABC Limited)
  • Full description of security - enter the class or type of shares being transferred (e.g. Ordinary £1 Shares)
  • Number of shares - complete the number of shares you wish to transfer in both words and figures (e.g. 'Twenty Five' & '25')
  • Name and address of transferor - enter the name and address of the person relinquishing their shares
  • Signature of transferor - transferor to sign and date
  • Name and address of transferee - enter the name and address of the person receiving the shares

The transferor will need to sign and date the second page of the stock transfer form if the consideration money (i.e. how much is being paid/received) for the shares is less than £1,000 - by filling out this section you won't need to inform HMRC. If the consideration money for the shares is £1,000 or more you will need to send it to HMRC's Stamp Office.

When you come to do your annual company confirmation statement (formerly the annual return) you will need to confirm the new shareholding to Companies House at that point. If you'd like to inform Companies House sooner you can file your confirmation statement early at