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Xero Tutorials

Xero is a fantastic software and will enable you to not only keep compliant records but also enable you to track your profit and cash flow in real time.

We would suggest keeping on top of your books (i.e. adding sales, adding bills & matching them to your bank) as it becomes a huge task if you have to catch up with things - trust us when we say, its much easier to work things out a short period after the event than a few months (or even years!) down the line.

We would also suggest using the app to add expenses (and sales if you’re on the go) - to download it, click here for apple users and here for android users.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Link bank account

Connect your company bank account to Xero so that the software can automatically upload your bank transactions saving you time and reducing mistakes.

The following banks integrate well with Xero, click them for the additional fees associated with direct bank feeds:


Create great looking and professional sales invoices to send to your customers

Invoice customers

Learn how to produce and send sales invoices to your customers.

Add Bills from Suppliers

Learn how to add expense receipts. We would suggest using the app - to download it, click here for apple users and here for android users.


Learn how to match sales and bills to your bank transactions.

VAT tutorials

VAT on mileage - reclaim VAT on the fuel element of mileage reimbursement.