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Switching Accountant

How to Switch

Previous accountant

Inform your previous accountant:

You’ll need to make your previous accountant aware of your desire to switch accountant. Some accounts require you to provide them with a notice period so let them know in good time that you would like to leave.

Monthly payments:

You may be making monthly payments to your previous accountant, in which case it might be worth continuing with them until your commitment ends - this is usually at the end of your accounting period end.

For example, say your period end is 31 March and the current date is 31 January - you’ve probably already made ten payments towards your year end accounts and so it would probably be worth paying for two extra months, getting your previous accountant to submit your accounts/tax return etc and then switching.


We’ll send you a new client form for you to fill in where we’ll ask you to provide your previous accountants’ contact information - we’ll ask you for their:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Postal address

Linking Information

We’ll get in contact with your previous accountant to request your ‘linking information’. This will usually be the last set of accounts or tax return that they submitted on your behalf plus a breakdown of the figures. We can only request this information once they’ve completed your final accounts and so it would be worth chasing them to file your final accounts with them asap.

We’ll also ask your previous accountant whether there is any professional reason why we should not act for you. The main reason they would object is if you have not paid your final bill with them - at this point they may hold onto your ‘linking information’.