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Quickbooks - Tutorials

Quickbooks Tutorials

If you'd like to to practice the tutorials below with no consequences, click here to have access to a sample company.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to get in contact with us or you can use our client dedicated line with Quickbooks: 0808 234 5337.


Linking bank - how to link the bank account so that transactions are automatically uploaded directly from your bank.

Sales invoice template - how to edit a sales invoice so it shows your bank details, logo, etc


Sales invoices - adding a sales invoice and matching it to a bank receipt.

Bills - adding an expense receipt and matching it to a bank payment.

Company expenses paid by director - how to add expenses paid personally by a company director onto Quickbooks and how to reimburse the director for these expenses.


VAT on mileage - reclaim VAT on the fuel element of mileage reimbursement.

VAT payment - how to add a VAT payment (or refund).

VAT rates - a beginners guide on which VAT rates to select.

VAT return - how to submit a VAT Return to HMRC.


Customer refund - if you refund a customer for goods or services that they’ve already paid for.

Customer credit - if you issue a customer with a credit note and you offset it against an outstanding invoice from the same customer.

Supplier refund - if a supplier issues you with a credit note and the amount is refunded to your bank account.

Supplier credit - if a supplier issues you with a credit note and you offset it against another bill from the same supplier.


CIS return - how to submit a CIS Return to HMRC.

Reports - the best reports for you to see how your business is performing in real time.

Bank reconciliation - the aim of a bank reconciliation is to make sure that the bank transactions in Quickbooks match to your bank statements.

Contra - if you receive a payment in your bank and refund it to the same place or you make a payment and get a refund from the same place where no invoices/bills have been issued.

Undo bank transaction - if you’ve added a bank transaction to the wrong place, you amend your error.

Video Tutorials

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